Tropical Rock (Or Trop Rock) is a genre of popular music that incorporates elements of rock n roll, country, Americana, caribbean, reggae and other musical genres to create a laid-back, escapist state of mind.

Trop Rock's island vibe comes from  island-like instrumentation and production, often featuring steel pan and percussion and a liberal use of nautical, tropical and escapist lyrical themes.

Get up close and 
hang out with the artists


Woody Vermeire

Eric Stone

Coley McCabe & Thom Shepherd

Rob Mehl

Mark Mulligan

Rudy Bruggman

Tadj Galleran

Mike Nash

Natasha James

features award winning, international touring singer/songwriters

performing original songs and stories of their laid-back life with a distinctly tropical vibe.

On Saturday there will

be a Doggie Adoption

Clinic & Kissing Booth

Profits benefit

San Felipe's new International Hospital

For more information about the music, the venue, or the event:


EMAIL: melodie@sanfelipesongwritersfestival.com