We always try to party with a purpose so again this year we'll be supporting San Felipe's outstanding animal rescue organization, VIVA. Your donations will help provide medicine, qualified veterinary exams and medical attention, spay and neutering, care and adoption for the many indigent animals of San Felipe. We appreciate your support.


Tropical Rock (Or Trop Rock) is a genre of popular music that incorporates elements of rock n roll, country, Americana, caribbean, reggae and other musical genres to create a laid-back, escapist state of mind.Trop Rock's island vibe comes from  island-like instrumentation and production, often featuring steel pan and percussion and a liberal use of nautical, tropical and escapist lyrical themes.

Get up close and hang out with the artists

We'll be hanging out at La Palapa Bar & Grill on Friday and at Juanito's Cantina on El Dorado Beach

on Saturday. You'll meet the talented songwriters, listen up close and escape to a life inspired by the sea,

good times and that laid-back and loving life attitude that just never gets old. You'll also enjoy authentic

local Mexican cuisine and the Baja sun.

For more information about the music, the venue, or the event:


EMAIL: melodie@sanfelipesongwritersfestival.com

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